As late Saturday night turned to Sunday morning, 20 residents at The Hub on Frances Street boarded their local elevator, likely drunkenly mumbled, “Could you hit eight, please?” and probably stared straight ahead to avoid direct eye contact, obscuring their apparent intoxication, waiting for the doors to slide open, following the protocol of standard elevator etiquette.

In due time, they would subsequently come to slow terms with the fact the elevator in their high-rise apartment would not be following the protocol of standard elevator operation. After coming to a sudden halt in the midst of its vertical journey, the elevator shut down entirely, leaving its guests trapped inside.

Soon, firefighters arrived and the trembling students and returning partygoers were unleashed from their 5×5 foot prison. That’s the story you’ll hear in the media. But beneath the surface, there lies so much more.

It’s a story of optimism and hope, turned to despair and trauma; a story of broken trust, and maybe a couple lawsuits from Los Angeles dads.

According to Jason Gill, Hub resident, the incident occurred around 2 a.m.

“Some people were jumping for some drunken reason,” Gill said. “I wasn’t happy.”

These are the hurdles students in Madison must overcome, hurdles that escape the busy agendas of political candidates and news outlets. Make your voices heard. These are not the pains of the millionaires and billionaires, but of the working man and woman. We deserve better, and we will soon have better.

Madison, let’s get our elevator shit together.

One can only hope the fart ghost of weeks past stayed clear of the Hub Sunday morning.

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