Madison College has put their foot down: No more farting in the elevators.

Such appears to be the case based off of flyers that went up Monday morning in MATC elevators, claiming the poor ventilation in elevators made deposited gas particularly toxic.

“Please wait until you’re off the elevator to fart,” the flyer warns. “Not even before getting onto the elevator, as the fart will constellate around and follow you inside the elevator to nest.”

The flyer gained significant attention when podcaster and video game journalist Justin McElroy tweeted a photo of the notice earlier this week.

But Madison College says administration was not responsible for the anti-gas campaign.

“It’s not from any college authority,” a MATC Public Safety Services dispatcher said. “It’s a total scam, it has nothing to do with us.”

Though the college doesn’t offer its official endorsement, one would hope that the etiquette of the phony flyer still applies.

Be merciful to your fellow elevator passengers.