A Room of One’s Own leads everyone who enters into a different world.

When you walk in it feels like you’ve been transported into a place where you are only limited by your own imagination. Its cozy chairs, warm lighting and wooden bookshelves provide a comfort that is inherent to bookstores.

Its windows were always lined up with colorful books and posters. A safe place for book enthusiasts and everyone else, this bookstore was a beloved member of the State Street landscape.

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Since the proposal of a building project on State Street that would demolish several businesses, including the building A Room of One’s Own occupied, they have since moved to a historic building at 2717 Atwood Avenue.

Though further away from campus and less accessible to students, A Room of One’s Own at its new location can still be identified by the shelves of colorful books on display at the window. Upon entry, the building looks a lot more modern, with books on the wall going up to nearly the ceiling. Posters, pride flags and display racks are displayed throughout the store.

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One of the most prominent features of A Room of One’s Own on State Street was its dedication to inclusivity, with sections of the store dedicated to BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and feminist literature. This remains the same at their new location, which includes shelves and sections of the bookstore on topics such as abolition, bodily autonomy and intersectionality.

The store also provides gender-inclusive bathrooms with a strict no-harassment policy, and the general vibe of the store is one that emphasizes inclusion and safety for all different people.

Though the store has downsized compared to its previous location, the essence of the store and the comfort it brings remain the same.

The excited buzz from book lovers and those perusing its collection is reminiscent of the students who would stop in at the shop when it was located on West Gorham Street.