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Ableism, inaccessibility prevail in field of journalism

Despite strides in other aspects of diversity, journalism perpetuates ableism, must make space for disabled reporters


Makeup brands move towards inclusivity, diversity

Trends move away from traditional beauty standards


‘Rainbowland’ raises needless controversy over teaching inclusivity, acceptance in elementary school

Heyer Elementary School banned from singing 'Rainbowland,' points to worrying national trend for acceptance in grade school


UW’s Public History Project acknowledges past, lacks action for future

New permanent project expands Sifting & Reckoning exhibit, provides history but fails to address future

UW-Madison Campus

Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin shares opinions, approaches to key student issues

Mnookin meets with student journalists on 99th day as chancellor, discusses time in position

UW-Madison Campus

Students look for inclusivity, shared governance, accessibility in next UW chancellor

Students on committee, in audience voiced their opinions in final public listening session


A Room of One’s Own bookstore has different location, same comforting energy

Beloved State Street bookstore, which has moved to Atwood Avenue still maintains its emphasis on inclusivity, creating safe space for all

Science News

UW wins green award, still needs to work towards sustainability

Emissions and waste being reduced, more should be done to combat climate change, student says


Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Respecting all holidays is important this winter season

Recent declarations of a "War on Christmas" trivialize experiences of religious minorities, reveal privilege among Christians


Editorial Board: #HomeIsWhereWIArent — a hard truth, a call to action for media

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