The University of Wisconsin is school for some 33,000 undergraduate students, boasting a sprawling campus of 936 acres. Offering 125 different majors, that’s a lot of people studying a lot of different things.

Especially now with campus opening, it can be daunting to find a place to study that fits your individual needs.

This list below contains some popular study destinations, but in no way an exhaustive list. This covers locations mostly around southeast campus, along with some of their notable features:

1. Memorial Library

You may have heard of the notorious “cages” within Memorial Library. Located on Library Mall adjacent to State Street, Memorial Library has areas for both group and individual study. The “cages” of Memorial Library are small cells with a single desk and chair, with a wire door, resembling a cage. Typically dimly lit and quiet, this is a good environment for those who like minimal noise and distraction while completing tasks, while others may find it claustrophobic.

2. Wisconsin Historical Society

If you are into dark or light academia vibes, studying in the Wisconsin Historical Society is one way to feel like a main character from an artistic film. Also located on Library Mall, the main library is lined with majestic pillars, rows of old books and long wooden tables. This is typically a more quiet study spot, with spaces filling up quickly.

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3. Wisconsin Discovery Institute

If your classes are located closer to Union South, it’s definitely worth checking out the Wisconsin Discovery Institute. It is a more lively space, with chatter echoing across the walls. Here, you can sit underneath beautiful trees and within view of the indoor garden space. With plenty of natural light it almost feels like you are studying outside, even during the colder winter months.

4. The Wisconsin Unions

Arguably two of the most popular places to study, the Unions are not only great places to hang out and experience local events, but places that are suitable for both individual and group study. With quick access to food and snacks, you can study for hours amid the hustle and bustle or go upstairs to join the legion of focused students.

5. School of Human Ecology Building

The School of Human Ecology is sleek and modern. Filled with both study spaces and fashion workspaces, the works of art displayed throughout the building are sure to fill you with inspiration. Another notable feature of the SoHE building are themed bathrooms. Each floor of SoHE has a bathroom with a different theme.