April has ended, and even if you’re still walking to class in a jacket, summer is on its way. With just a couple days of school left, a lot of students are finalizing their summer plans with internships, work, maybe more class and, of course, plenty of time to relax.

It’s hard not to imagine yourself lounging in your perfect summer bod at the lake with your hot partner sitting next to you. The dream-like image of Sandy and Danny from ‘Grease’ is burned into our summer consciousness. Who doesn’t want to be splashing around in the water with their summer fling?

But crowded Mendota piers and lake pollution can make the local waterfronts seem a little less than romantic. But regardless of whether you’re staying in Madison this summer, there are plenty of ways to have a healthy, happy summer fling.

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The first part of any fling is to, well, find somebody. Don’t just latch yourself onto the first person you can find. Summer is a great break from the realities of school and stress, but remember that it will come again. If you have a fling with a friend or someone from school, you’re going to have to see them again in fall. Consider if you’ll want to continue the fling into something more, or if three months is the max. Choose wisely.

Second is to define expectations. If you’re looking for a long-term partner, make these expectations clear. On the other hand, if you plan on never seeing this person again, make that clear too. You don’t have to be harsh about it, but communicate what you want and make sure they do too.

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And for the exciting part — be spontaneous! You don’t need to plan out weekly date nights and romantic picnics by the sunset. You aren’t — most likely — dating or going to date. That’s part of having a fling. It’s a no-strings-attached kind of relationship. Take them along for walks on nice days, check out the Dane County Farmers Market together, get into a bit of trouble (nothing illegal, please). The list goes on.

Most important is to have fun with it. This is a fling, not a marriage. Summer is all about letting loose and spending time on all those activities you’ve only fantasized about while locked up in College Library during winter storms.

Try not to take anything too seriously. Make sure to maintain  communication. With low and clearly defined expectations, you’ll be sure to have a “summer fling [that] don’t mean a thing,” just like in ‘Grease.’