“Captain Marvel,” “Tom Clancy’s The Division 2” and the majorly hyped “Borderlands 3” trailer are only a few of the gems that added a new level of madness to March.

Marvel’s semi-predictable story was a nice treat to help tie up loose ends before “Avengers: Endgame” releases late April, while “The Division 2” and the “Borderlands 3” trailer were nice bandages for the looter-shooter genre after the unsuccessful launch of BioWare’s “Anthem.”

The “Avengers: Infinity War” post-credits scene had fans excited to finally meet the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe character and “Captain Marvel” did not necessarily disappoint.

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“Captain Marvel’s” plot was nothing overly sophisticated, but did contain a sufficient twist and some heartfelt moments throughout. Marvel did nail a few solid jokes throughout the movie which were absolutely worth it and added some needed lighter moments when characters discussed fairly dark topics.

Marvel captured the range of emotions Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) show throughout the movie while giving them interesting character developments. This was also a nice way to tie everything back to the larger MCU since Fury and Coulson have become Marvel titans in the movies and TV shows.

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“The Division 2” made a bold and welcome statement midway through March by learning from the series’ previous pitfalls and the mistakes of their predecessors. The massive Washington, D.C. setting allows for dynamic environments which Ubisoft did a good job on.

New York City literally pales in comparison to D.C. as players can find themselves in overgrown parks all the way to crowded metro areas which each give the game unique feelings.

“The Division” struggled with making a wintry New York City feel diverse but definitely moved in the right direction with this sequel.

The enemies and activities in the world are fairly diverse which helps the leveling-up grind go by much quicker and smoother than other games in the genre. This is also compounded by the gratifying loot and range of weapons and gear.

Players can choose to focus their loadouts on close-range encounters by utilizing the various light machine guns or stay at range from enemies by opting for a number of rifles and marksman rifles available.

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“The Division 2” is not without faults, which can be seen through issues like the scaling of “Skill Power.” It remains difficult throughout the entire grind to find items with enough “Skill Power” to activate the modifiers players can attach to the skills.

These problems are not enough to derail the success of “The Division 2” and may give players something to look forward to as they are hopefully patched in the coming months.

Players also have more news to look forward to as a teaser and trailer were released for “Borderlands 3.”

The looter-shooter behemoth is continuing its eccentric personality with a host of returning characters and new favorites. A series of new environments may be available for players to explore in this installment but do not look to replace the original, iconic places and feeling of the “Borderlands” series.

“Borderlands 3” also looks to boast “over one billion guns” which is a welcome improvement to the recent failure of “Anthem” that was supposed to have a large and diverse amount of content but ultimately fell flat. The “Borderlands” high standard for guns in terms of visuals and utility may be why the series has grown to be such a fan favorite. Plus, “Borderlands 3” will have guns with legs.

This is the game players need, but do not deserve.