Alternative rock band They Might Be Giants, commonly referred to as TMBG, is coming to the Barrymore Theatre in Madison Tuesday, Oct. 23.

They Might Be Giants, a Brooklyn-based band, was created by teenage friends John Flansburgh and John Linnell in 1982. Beginning with their first concert, the band steadily grew in popularity because of their distinctive sound and creative lyrics.

The band grew in 1992, but Flansburgh and Linnell remain the main singers and songwriters. TMBG’s main focus is the alt-rock genre, but they have branched into children’s music, such as with the album No! and the writing of songs for the TV show “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.”

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Their most recent album is definitely meant for an older age group — with easily-missed dark themes and a specified 14+ limit on all shows for this tour.

They Might Be Giants’ twentieth studio album, I Like Fun, was released in January of this year and reminds the listener of their original work while bringing in new elements. While the album retains the upbeat quality that is expected of They Might Be Giants, the themes of the songs have taken on a subtle darkness.

This contrast provides a refreshing, new look into the minds of Flansburgh and Linnell. I Like Fun captures the full energy of They Might Be Giants and is not to be missed.

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The current TMBG tour, titled “An Evening With TMBG,” is focused around this fifteen-song album, along with the past year’s weekly song posts on the band’s Dial-A-Song service.

Dial-A-Song, originally created by Flansburgh and Linnell in 1985, started as a unique service with which one could call an advertised phone number to hear a variety of sounds from TMBG, including popular songs, unreleased work, and even mock advertisements.

Dial-A-Song has since transitioned into a website, and now even an app, that posts a new song every week.

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“An Evening With TMBG” is expected to be an unforgettable event. With no opening act, They Might Be Giants is bringing in a series of guest musicians to each show, including trumpet-player Curt Ramm and contra-alto clarinet-player John L., who will both be accompanying the band throughout the whole tour.

TMBG has a reputation for delivering remarkable shows, and this will be no exception. In the early days of TMBG, many shows featured notable stage props. On this tour, the band has promised that each show will be a unique event, filled with, “Favorites! Deep cuts! New songs! More cursing!”

They Might Be Giants will play two full sets of music at this action-packed concert.

If you are looking for a unique concert experience with upbeat, energetic music, be sure to check out They Might Be Giants at the Barrymore Theatre.