Bonobos mobile guideshop pop-up comes to Madison this week

Mobile guideshop provides professional, stylish clothing options to students

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Courtesy of The Bonobos Mobile Guideshop

If you have been looking for a new way to express yourself while wearing professional clothing, look no further.

This week on campus, a company called Bonobos is setting out to help students find their perfect fitting, but still stylish, business attire.

Bonobos is a Walmart-owned company that specializes in helping people find professional workwear suited for them. While the company originated as an online retailer, they have now expanded to guide shops around the country, and the company is sending out a mobile guide shop coming to campus this week.

The mobile guideshop arrived on campus Wednesday and will stay until Saturday at Union South. Students will receive a personalized, hassle-free shopping experience provided by a Bonobo stylist.

These stylists will take your measurements to ensure you are getting the perfect look, and it really takes the stress out of buying clothing online. The Bonobos team also has tips and tricks for dressing your best at a job interview, and you will have an opportunity for a free professional headshot.

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All of these experiences given to us by Bonobos have been summarized by Kathryn Clare-Salzler, a spokesperson for Bonobos.

“The mobile guide shop is aiming to present students with looks and ideas for how to dress for their professional endeavors after graduation,” Clare-Salzler said. “It is setting them up for success and providing them with fashion tips and tricks on what to wear in an interview or a certain workplace.”

Students are given a great bridge from college student to professional thanks to this pop-up shop and their wisdom. Millennials and students alike will benefit from this pop-up shop as customers will walk away with no bags to carry. Any orders will be shipped straight to your door, free of charge.

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As if all this isn’t enough the Bonobos pop-up shop will have giveaways, free cold brew and discounts.

The mobile guide shop is on a venture stopping at five different colleges, and the University of Wisconsin happens to be their first stop. Bonobos does not have a brick and mortar location across the region, so this opportunity is very exciting across the board.

There is no guideshop in the Midwest currently, which attracted Bonobos to UW, Clare-Salzler said. Students will get the opportunity to test out this brand and hopefully find their product is something to stick with on their path to success after graduation.

To learn more about the experience, watch this clip highlighting The Bonobos Future Fit Tour.


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