I have whiplash from two things — the first from hiking in Colorado with fun, fluffy, 60 degree snow, to coming back here and trudging through the ugly, cold snow we were just blessed with. The second from discovering a new band — Greta Van Fleet.

It’s been a while since my jaw has dropped from hearing a new musician, but let me tell, I dropped it so hard I can’t find it anymore. Greta Van Fleet, a rock band from Frankenmuth, Michigan, has rendered me speechless.

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The band, formed in 2012, is made up of four undeniably super good looking dudes — three brothers (including a set of twins) and their friend. The lead singer Josh Kiszka (who somehow made sporting a braided rattail hot?) and guitarist Jake Kiszka are the twins, with their younger brother Sam on bass. Danny Wagner rocks it on the drums.

According to their Spotify bio, the boys recorded an EP in 2014, but that music is currently unavailable. Lucky for us, they released another EP last year called From The Fires. The record brings us back to the era of 1970s classic rock, laden with guitar solos and heavy, soaring vocals. They’ve got the outfits to go with it too.

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And I have to say it — it’s like Led Zeppelin reincarnated. I don’t want to just associate them with perhaps the greatest rock band of all time because they have a talent completely their own, but holy shit The vocal likeness to Robert Plant is pretty hard to ignore.

So, let’s get into it then shall we?

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“Safari Song” is the first one I heard and it was like hearing something I didn’t realize I’d been waiting for. It’s an upbeat rock tune about love, with chorus words saying, “Ah mama, what you gonna do with all that love in your heart?”

Here’s a live version. Try not to pass out.


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If these guys weren’t cool enough, they got their song “Highway Tune” featured on popular, raunchy TV show “Shameless.” The vibes of the song fit right in with those of the show — like you’re ready to just go completely wild.

Here’s a music video version:


My favorite song, “Edge of Darkness,” is just insane. It’s got more of that classic feel — an anthem to bring people together in a time of division. The chorus is as follows — “All my brothers we stand / For the peace of the land / Is there meaning? / I’ve got love in my heart / For an army apart / I am bleeding.” The vocal and instrumental melodies are just straight up entrancing, too.

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Here’s one more live version:


In the end, all I can say about this band are phrases that include too much profanity, so let’s just leave it at, “they’re really freakin’ amazing.” Check out some more of their songs below and if you feel so inclined, check them out live. They’re touring this spring, including a spot at Lollapalooza in Chicago. See you there.