Even if you are not well versed in the language of fuckboy-ery just yet, you might have at least heard the term “fuckboy” here or there from sexually frustrated college students that have been disappointed by, dare I say, men time and time again.

This vocabulary has been coined somewhat recently in cyberspace and has been implemented through conversations between teens to twenty-somethings ever since.

Fuckboys are a very specific breed of millennial douchebags that we have never had to deal with before the coddled, social media obsessed, pretty boys hit the dating market. They are usually pretty easy to spot — wear a salmon polo, boat shoes with socks and hair that probably took him an hour to apply products to, but covered it with a hat instead.

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But there are some sneaky fuckboys that may initially deceive you at first glance, as they don’t have the classic look and might even trick you into believing they are genuine at first. That is why I am here to help you figure out if the guy you are dating is a certified fuckboy.

A fuckyboy is pretty much a guy who is only interested in a sexual relationship with a girl but will likely lead her on so she thinks he may want something more. So if he is always asking you to hang out and then bailing at the last minute, he is probably a fuckboy.

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If you cancel on him he will get really pissed, even though he probably only responds to your texts in one word answers so he didn’t even make a real plan with you anyways.

If you ask him why he takes so long to respond, he will say he was “busy,” but you know he never stops staring at his phone whenever you are together.

He is usually scrolling through Instagram looking at other girls accounts, texting other people and swiping on Tinder.

He is the type of guy who brags about how many matches he has on dating apps and since fuckboys probably don’t have that much sex, they will not stop bragging when they actually get lucky.

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A fuckboy will call his ex-girlfriend a slut but ask you for nudes every night. A fuckboy will send a nude to a girl he barely knows. He will disrespect the young women in his life but rely on his mom for help on most things.

You will only see him after dark because he is afraid to talk to you when he isn’t drunk. He will text other girls even if he has a girlfriend. He will always say “all my exes were crazy,” and “you’re not like other girls.”

If you think this describes a guy you are hanging out with at the moment, get out as soon as you can. Dating a fuckboy is not going to end very well. Once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy so just keep that in mind while you try to navigate the fucked up dating world that is college.

And, if you find a nice boy in the midst of this whole mess, hold on to him for dear life.