Friends don’t lie, and as a friend I believe that you should take my advice and immediately watch Stranger Things 2 if you have not already.

Don’t be a mouth breather and do something useful with your time.

If you did not think that the 80’s inspired mythical Sci-fi Netflix original series “Stranger Things” could get any better, season 2 will blow your mind. Through a combination of an incredibly talented cast of actors, unbelievably creative writers and remarkably skilled cinematography, this latest season will leave your heart wrenching for more.

This series is hard to explain to non-viewers as anything but addictive. It is explained as science fiction or fantasy, but it is much more than that. There is an element that is so captivating and unique that no other binge-worthy series has yet to produce.

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The plot follows a group of middle school aged best friends and their families who live in a small town called Hawkins, Indiana. Such a town would have been branded as “a place where nothing happens,” that is, until a multitude of events greater than any person could possibly imagine take place. The storyline is based off of the plot of a popular board game during the early 1980s, Dungeons and Dragons.

The first season centered around the mysterious disappearance of a boy named Will Byers who is eventually rescued. This next season provides an even creepier dimension to the tale as his past experiences still haunt him and the community of Hawkins.  

Some new faces are introduced to the cast such as the badass Max, played by Sadie Sink, the bully Billy, played by Dacre Montgomery and the beloved Bob, played by Sean Astin. There is also a tremendous amount of character growth across seasons as you might find yourself actually falling in love with Steve Harrington, played by Joe Keery. His new and adorable friendship with Dustin, played by Gaten Matarazzo, will most definitely make your heart happy.

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As it may be predicted from the eerie conclusion of the first season, there will be some spillover of conflict to drive this new plot. The Duffer Brothers have taken a new direction with this season, yet they have not veered far from the D&D game rules. Their brilliance shines through as this show was not created for a niche-genre audience. Whether you’re into drama, romance, science, the paranormal or are just a bit of a nerd, Stranger Things 2 is for you.

You will find yourself shipping new relationships and becoming so attached to new cast members that it might actually become a bit concerning. You will scream at your television out of fear. You will shiver out of uncertainty and suspense. You will laugh at some extremely on point dialogue, mostly brought to you by Hopper. You might even lightly sob at some points. You will begin to slightly reevaluate your life after watching a fictional television show for nearly 9 hours, but you will not regret it.