If you’re at that phase again in life where you’ve finished another show on Netflix and don’t know what to watch next, I highly suggest watching “Big Mouth.” The show talks about what you wish you knew about puberty as a teenager and still may not have learned as an adult.

The amusingly animated cast of middle schoolers depict how we all felt growing up confused or dumbfounded by the changes occurring throughout our bodies.

Perfectly fitting, the theme song features the chorus of the cover “Changes” by Charles Bradley. Accurately representing the constant feeling of the characters in the show, with lyrics like “I’m going through changes/In my life.”

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When teenagers who are reaching that pubescent period are all together, a lot of changes start occurring. Friendships change, relationships change, sometimes feelings changes — and that’s all okay.

Andrew Glouberman is one of the first of his teenage friends to experience the exciting ups and downs of puberty. Luckily, he has his hormone monster Maurice right by his side to help him along this fascinating journey.

The hormone monster is a painfully honest character that is willing to tell puberty just like it is. Jessi Glaser, one of the main female characters, has the pleasure of meeting her puberty monster, Connie early into the show.

As I’m sure many of the females reading this article can relate to, Jessi was majorly embarrassed the first time her period started. She just had to be on a school field trip wearing white shorts when it all went down.

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Puberty is a wild ride, so the hormone monsters must have a name to fit the part. Connie and Maurice are aids you do — and don’t — want around at the same time. 


“Big Mouth” scores high on educational value when it comes to sexual health. From being taught in class about the subject to discussions in the hallways about “dirty deeds,” proper terminology is always identified.

A lot of accidents happen as you go through puberty, and the same sorts of crazy and embarrassing events are happening to everyone in one way or another. “Big Mouth” reminds its audience how rowdy life as a teenage can be. Plus, it’s never too late to learn the truth about your body and how it functions.