‘Gerald’s Game’ plays mind games with viewers through realistic horror

New Netflix addition will terrify in time for Halloween

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The intriguing and terrifying psychological thriller, “Gerald’s Game,” serves as a perfect addition to Netflix that will have you on edge of your seat this Halloween. Based off of the original Stephen King novel, this film does not disappoint when it comes to demonstrating creativity and horror. 

The plot follows a couple that goes on vacation to a remote house in the middle of nowhere. First of all — everyone should know by now that is never a good idea. The manipulation of cinematography draws viewers in right away just by the first few frames. It is evident early on that there is tension between the relationship of a husband, Gerald, and his wife, Jessie. Such tension that will ultimately lead to something of a disturbing nature.

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Gerald and Jessie decided to go on this trip to rejuvenate their withering sex lives, however, it is quickly discovered that Gerald has a twisted rape fantasy after his wife has already agreed to handcuff herself to the bedposts. What happens next is anyone’s worst nightmare. Gerald, who seemed to have overdosed on Viagra, has a heart attack and dies right on top of her.

Chained to a bed in the middle of the woods in a silky nightgown with no possibilities for communication to the outside world, Jessie is in quite the predicament: A life or death situation. Once witnessing what she believes to have been some sort of prank, the reality sets in and the trauma takes over her mind. The voices in her head transform into hallucinations.

How or if she escapes is something that I will not disclose. Needless to say, the suspense and drama are inescapable. The conclusion may not be as optimistic as some would hope nor will it pan out in ways one would expect.

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The reason why this film is so incredibly chilling is that a lot of truth lays within it. Not that most people are into handcuffs and erotic constraint, but the idea that anyone could end up in a similar situation due to the heat of the moment is truly haunting. The production quality of this film will even deceive audience members into initially believing the apparitions that Jessie envisions to be real. There is nothing more frightening than the things you are afraid of only exist in your own head.

Personally, I’m a huge “The Book Was Better” snark about movies, however, I must say that this film adaptation does do King’s writing a great deal of Justice.


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