Sometimes sipping a cocktail or drinking a beer just won’t do the trick. This is when the always-reliable shot comes in handy. But cheap vodka chased with Squirt should be left in the past — seasoned college livers deserve a much more delicious concoction that needs no chaser.

Whiskey Jack’s Saloon on State Street is a mainstay in Madison that offers 90 unique shots for adventurous patrons to try. Their many shots, insane weekend drink deals and country décor sets them apart from the many bars downtown.

To save time reading through the menu, customers might consider just closing their eyes and pointing at the board to decide which shot to pick — they’re all delicious and they’ll all have the same party-inducing effect. Strange combinations of ingredients, and whimsical, sometimes crass, names make the shots an entertaining part of the night. Here are some of the many great choices at Whiskey’s.

Jolly Hooker: Captain Morgan, melon liqueur, sour mix, sierra mist, grenadine

This shot has a healthy mix of sweet and sour to help it go down suspiciously smoothly. The melon liqueur gives the shot a fruity flavor, while the Sierra Mist adds a bubbly effervescence that only helps make this shot all too easy to take. Just be sure to stop after a couple, because if not, the sugary ingredients may just catch up to you in the morning.

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Nutty Irishman: Jameson, Irish cream, hazelnut liqueur

This shot is sugary sweet and a perfect fit for St. Patty’s day (or really any night you’re feeling lucky). The creamy, nutty taste of the liqueurs dull the strong taste of the Jameson, allowing nonwhiskey drinkers to dabble with the iconic Irish liquor of choice. The shot tastes dangerously like a dessert, but taking a couple could make anyone dance a jig as good as any Irishman.

Purple Kool-Aid: Amaretto, raspberry schnapps, SoCo, pineapple juice, sour mix

This shot combines a lot of different elements that wouldn’t typically be put together, but somehow the sour mix and pineapple juice makes it work. The raspberry schnapps makes this shot look like its namesake, and gives it the same strong fruity flavor. The SoCo is sweetened from the Amaretto so the shot goes down as easily as Kool-Aid.

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Zombie Brain: Peach schnapps, Irish cream, blue Curaçao, grenadine

The name isn’t appetizing, but the mind-numbing effects this shot has on its drinkers will guarantee a second round. Much like brains, the mix of creamy and clear liquors creates an effect that tastes much better than it looks. The grenadine brings all the different elements together with its strong, tart and sweet taste, but the different elements aren’t combined all the way, allowing all the flavors to stand out on their own. If you’re more of a taster than a full shot taker, every sip will be different.

Pink Taco: Watermelon Pucker, Malibu, Or-G, pineapple juice

This tropical shot is fruity and brings a little bit of vacation into the Wisconsin cold. Or-G, an exotic fruit liqueur, is a no-brainer in this drink, giving it flavors of papaya, mango and lime to compliment the pineapple juice. The Watermelon Pucker keeps the shot from being too sweet, and guarantees an aftertaste like sour candy instead of strong liquor.