It’s been brought to the attention of the ArtsEtc. editors that there is a glaring hole in our list of the best albums of the semester.

Somehow. Someway. We didn’t think to include none other than Solange’s transcendent, visionary and beautiful album that is A Seat at the Table. Guys. We got nothing. This is inexcusable.

As this is being written, the current ArtsEtc. editors have been detained and are going to be forced to wander the halls of Humanities until the infinity bell rings once more.

The only excuse they were able to form before we locked them in those grey catacombs was that A Seat at the Table was so good, so innovative in it’s fearless minimalism, that it transcends the title of the album.

We told them that was over-contrived before giving them one last shove into that brutalist oblivion.

Anyway, this week’s Hitlist, which was supposed to be the best songs of 2016, is now all of [email protected] It’s also still an accurate title.