It takes authors a long time to write masterpieces, just as it does musicians.

Courtesy of Francis and the Lights

Though it may not be up to the level of more popular artists, there is a lot to be said about for Francis and the Light’s long-awaited debut album, Farewell, Starlite!.

It has taken a long time for Francis to get to where he is. As a producer, it’s hard to be yourself. In his music, experimentalist sounds have always been present along with the fluttering layers of synth and floating vocals.

Francis has finally figured out what he’s been missing and ran with it on Farewell, Starlite!.

Many people may have first heard about Francis through his feature on Chance the Rapper’s catchy release, “Summer Friends.” He began touring with Chance and kept up his work with Bon Iver on this album. Soon after, he released “Friends,” featuring Kanye West and Justin Vernon in the music video.

This song now fits very well into the album, which was announced originally at Vernon’s Eaux Claires Music Festival back in August.

It flows kind of like a letter to a lost friend, talking about his journey as a performer. In the songs “See Her Out,” and “Comeback,” Francis talks on his struggles with love. His futuristic, pop flow comes out strong in “I Want You to Shake.”

A personal favorite song comes at the midway point, “My Citys Gone.” It’s raw, and brings a slower, mellower vibe.

Working deeper into emotions is “It’s Alright to Cry.” On the track he realizes after eights years of running with his dream, they were going to pay off.

The eclectic pop album finishes with him thanking everyone and reminding listeners, “this is only the beginning.” With that, we’ll almost certainly be hearing more from Francis, especially since he has now skyrocketed into the stratosphere with many popular producers.

There aren’t many as talented as Francis, and can say they’ve worked with such amazing artists. He is certainly one to watch out for in the future.