On Sept. 4, the overtly enigmatic musician Kleptix released a perplexing culmination of experimental electronic music entitled Excess.

But experimental may not be the appropriate word to dub this album heavy on personal expression. The beats in Excess seem to defy any established genre and manage to expand beyond the limitations of modern music.

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Though the Madison musician has released several albums, his music has received very little notice from the outside world — but perhaps that is the way he likes it. The only information about the producer can be found in a series of isolated posts and peculiar pictures on the artist’s Facebook page, including a brief description that reads, “Electronic noise over street beats. The scientist gets dosed, and discovers God.”

Many of the songs on this particular album would seamlessly fit into a chase scene of a ’70s horror film. With eerie, echoing synths over upbeat drum patterns and consistently changing noises completely unique to the album, Kleptix manages to maintain a similar theme throughout the work while discovering new sounds within each song.

To gain a true respect for this album, all listeners should clear their minds of all prior judgement of what music should be. Instead, remember that at its core, music is an act of personal expression — and Kleptix is simply expressing himself in a way foreign to almost all outsiders.

And that is perfectly alright.

The entire album can be viewed here: https://kleptix.bandcamp.com/album/excess