Smooth vibes. Those two words best capture the unique sound and delivery of mixtape veteran Curren$y. On his latest mixtape, The Drive In Theatre, Young Spitta knocks it out of that park, adding another classic work to his already long list of mixtapes, EPs and studio albums.

While Curren$y’s name might not be at the top of many Billboard lists, his attention-grabbing style has resulted in a dedicated cult following, and this is reflected in the heavy attention his mixtapes have received.

Curren$y’s cult following is not comprised of party animals who want so much bass the floor shakes. Rather it’s made up of people who prefer to organize themselves in a circular kumbaya-like fashion, lie back, relax and fade out to forget about reality for a while.

This laid-back sound on The Drive In Theatre will mellow out even the most stressed on individuals. A variety of horn samples give it a blues sound; these care coupled with to slow, smooth melodies and topped off by Curren$y’s slow, hypnotic delivery.

Curren$y has been known to imitate movie titles for his mixtapes (including “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “Weekend at Bernie’s” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”). This time around, The Drive In Theatre does not spoof any movies in its title or cover art, but the headlining track, the Action Bronson-assisted “Godfather 4,” perpetuates a “Godfather” motif full of sound bites from the movies. These appear all throughout the mixtape.

If you’ve been a Curren$y fan since day one, this work will not disappoint. Like all of his work, it will continue to demand your respect for the joint-rollin’, blunt-blowin’ spitta maintaining his calm, smooth and ambient flow all throughout The Drive In Theatre. If you haven’t had the chance to experience Curren$y, take the time to sit back, vibe out and prepare to soak in the ambient experience that this rhymer has to offer.