Fall means colder temperatures, yet all you fashionistas out there probably agree that fall is seriously one of the best (if not the best) season for your style. From the colors to the fabrics to the comfort of the clothes, you would have a hard time trying to convince me otherwise.

I’ll start with the colors. The rich, deep hues of the fall wardrobe can’t be beat. While I love light and bright colors as much as the next person, there is something delectable about the burgundies, mustards, navys and grays. Take caution, though, to make sure the color is deep enough. If it isn’t, it tends to look a little cheaper. But that rule doesn’t necessarily follow with shades of gray. 

Gray is an excellent alternative to black for this season, and you should take advantage of the variety of shades. Feel free to pair gray with black, but as the gray gets darker, I would wear it with a lighter color. Gray is a neutral that often doesn’t get it’s fair share of time; it can go with pretty much anything and is less harsh than black.

Take these colors and load up on the sweaters. There is nothing like a loose and chunky sweater to kick your style up a notch and complement the colder air. Longer sweaters can also be a great investment, and a belt can seriously complement these. The larger the sweater, the larger the belt should be. Asos.com has a variety of ideal fall sweaters and cardigans in various colors – even some pretty quirky ones. 

An added benefit of a longer sweater? The fact you can wear it with leggings. I’m probably going to be that girl wearing leggings way past their style expiration date, but in terms of comfort and practicality, there really isn’t anything better. Most importantly with the leggings: Buy them thick enough! In my opinion, the thicker the better. Try and find a yoga legging, or just one that seems thicker. And I highly recommend choosing a top that falls to the mid- to upper-thigh to pair with the leggings. 

An oversized sweater and a thick pair of leggings go great with a pair of classic riding boots. I’ve said it before, but I highly recommend investing in a great pair of riding boots – they will never go out of style and they instantly make your look classier and more put together. When you’re on the lookout for the perfect pair, try to find a rich camel-brown color that isn’t too dark. A lighter brown will go perfectly with basically any color. I’ve always had great luck with boots at Nordstrom. The prices are a little higher, but they have great customer service and the quality is always top-notch. A trendier shoe this fall is the ankle bootie, which is a super fun addition to an outfit. Although you might not be able to wear it as long, pair it with a skinny pant as a colder weather alternative to the stiletto.

Fall jackets are also really fun and can transform an outfit. Pair a unique jacket with a t-shirt, jeans and an ankle bootie and you’ve got a quintessential fall outfit. One of my favorite additions to a fall jacket is the offset zipper. I don’t know how, but simply by moving the zipper over a few inches, the jacket takes on a whole new attitude, and believe me, it will make a statement. Jackets of leather, wool or even tweed are perfect for the fall.

Call me crazy, but one of my other favorite things about the fall is nail colors. It might not sound like a big thing, but people notice a nail color more than you think. Deep reds and purples, dark blues and taupes are ideal fall nail colors, and they look gorgeous. You have a pretty limited window as to how long these colors are deemed acceptable, so take advantage of them now!

A couple of other fun embellishments to add to your fall wardrobe include studs and zippers. These trendy elements add a little rocker influence to your look and will make it a little more interesting. In all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of studded accessories, but if you have just a touch it can look tasteful and fun. Don’t go too overboard with that trend or people might get the wrong idea…

Now go enjoy your pumpkin spice latte, and look fabulous doing it!