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Virgin zodiacs: How you lost your virginity based on the date you lost it

For those of you who are currently virgins, consider this your horoscope 


Let’s talk about sex: Non-male pleasure remains stigmatized, but empowering dialogue ensues

Students, experts emphasize need for open discussion about masturbation, encourage safe self exploration


Hello winter, goodbye need for male validation! 

Call off cuffing season this winter: a guide for being THAT (cis, straight) GIRL in college


Check out the Top Five Most Fuckable Presidents to make your February the horniest month yet

In honor of President's Day, I'm guiding you through history's hottest national leaders


Football and covid and orgies, oh my!

UW recommends fun ways to hang out with your 50 closest friends in light of football game

Hump Day

Hump Day: Committing to commitment isn’t necessary

Happiness should always come before social expectations of commitment

UW-Madison Campus

Chancellor Blank pens letter to DeVos amid campus concerns over new gender definitions

Trans lifeline reports receiving four times more daily hotline calls than average following report on memo draft


Hump day: Eliminating stigma of our emotions

Hiding feelings is not attractive, much less healthy


Hump Day: “So … What are We?” dictionary for labeling relationships

Useful label maker when you face off with notorious Aunt Becky back home


Dan Savage’s Hump! film festival brings sex-positive, inclusive vibes

Offers different perspective on porn with 21 short films

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