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Guided relaxation for when stressed about finals

Take a moment to try this guided relaxation this week

UW-Madison Campus

Campus Study Day offers resources for students studying

Chazen Museum of Art hosts Study Day events, free food

UW-Madison Campus

UPDATED: ‘Large portion’ of omicron cases in Dane County identified on UW campus

Cases surge in Dane County with nearly 150 confirmed cases

UW-Madison Campus

UW college admissions to not require standardized testing for next two years, panel decides

Standardized testing raises accessibility, equity concerns


Home for the holidays: Things to do over break instead of accidentally killing your grandparents

Be honest, strutting your stuff up and down the aisles of your local Pick & Save is getting old


Hard Lives: Student needs chicken nuggets to thrive

This week's featured interview examines the dino nugget life


Your guide to free events this weekend: Take your mind off approaching finals

Use food, music, art, film or games to enjoy before your impending doom from Dec. exams


Cliches aren’t always bad, especially when it comes to taking care of yourself

Breathe, take breaks, manage your time — all these will go long way during finals


Bingelist: Shows to watch during exam study breaks

Netflix can offer outlet for students to unload stress during exam time with endless series options


Stress relief during midterms season must be better prioritized for UW students

Big exams are difficult no matter when they take place, should prompt change in mental health approach

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