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Hot Girl Gift List

What to get these special people in your life


Storytelling non-profit The Moth presents ‘Love Hurts StorySLAM’ at High Noon Saloon

In night full of drama, audience members compete to tell the best story


Sick of dating apps? Try the Nielsen Tennis Center partner signup

Singles are becoming doubles real quick with this hot new dating idea


Season 25 of “The Bachelor” was the most dramatic yet

From house drama to internet allegations, this semester of the Bachelor was one for the books


The New Normal: Students and experts share difficulties, lasting effects of restricted social life

As health guidelines continue to persist, students struggle to form strong, lasting relationships


Poor wifi connection, strong emotional connection: Finding love on Zoom

BBCollaborate, Webex, Microsoft Teams are all waiting for you and that special someone to finally connect


Tinder’s hottest tips, tricks, pick(s)-up-lines

How to snag cute dates from a Certified Tinder Pro

Hump Day

Hump Day: What to do if you fall in love with your best friend

Don't suppress your feelings, tell them how you feel


Hard truths of dating: What college women should know

Laura J. Wellington's book explains harsh realities of romance

UW-Madison Campus

Students explore differences in personal dating experiences from around the globe

Wisconsin Union Directorate Global Connections hosted a discussion on differences in courtship around the world

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