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Science News

Cheese-making organism may become state microbe, researchers say

As more states propose legislation to adopt state microbe, Wisconsin follows with important microbe for the dairy industry

City of Madison

Madison hosts 56th annual World Dairy Expo

Organizations, farmers, agronomists provide insight into Wisconsin dairy industry

City of Madison

World Dairy Expo at Alliant Energy Center brings thousands to midwest

Expo hosts cattle showings, fosters community within dairy industry


Biggest hits ‘n misses in Madison’s breakfast sandwich scene

Including the literal worst and best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had


Wisconsin dairy industry needs reform amid COP26 calls to fight climate change

Corporatized industry emits large amounts of greenhouse gases into atmosphere, pollutes groundwater


Complete, unpretentious review of Madison’s breakky sammies

Take it from me, a person who exclusively ate breakfast sandwiches during summer quarantine


Girl who listens exclusively to Phoebe Bridgers, only eats Annie’s realizes she should see a therapist

You can only blast 'Kyoto' so loud until it becomes a problem, ya know?


Gains from deregulation of factory farm construction unclear, legislation should be cautious

Proposed bill would hand regulatory power from state to farmers


UW hero Becky Blank risks all with cheese wager

There is more than Rose Bowl victory on line

UW-Madison Campus

UW dairy researchers partner with Wisconsin cheesemaker to create award-winning cheese

Roelli Cheese Haus has been keeping up with overwhelming demand of cheese since 2016

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