It is that time of the semester — week eight.

The few weeks leading up to spring break always seem to be the most miserable for me, finals and midterms included. Granted it’s a natural half-way point to show what you’ve learned through projects, papers, lab reports and exams, but it would be nice if some of my professors talked to each other and took my precious time into consideration. Well, I can always dream.

The only thing that’s keeping me going is the fact that whether or not I flop on all of the above, or pass with flying colors, I will be driving to Gulf Shores, Alabama, Thursday night in a midsized sedan with my four buddies. We will stay in a flat on the beach, and subsequently visit New Orleans for my 21st birthday.

I will report back with a very nice New Orleans-inspired dish when we get back to school. That’s a promise unless I end up getting kidnapped or arrested, dying or just decide to #SpringBreakForever.

Nevertheless, we all have to survive the next week or so. Maybe you’re stressed and want to take a break for a nice meal, or maybe you’re stressed and don’t want to eat. Whatever it may be, you still need some caloric intake and a break from what appears to be the endless grind. What better place to start than breakfast?

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Granted, I almost never eat breakfast. Instead I down two chewy multivitamins, drag myself to class with a frown on my face and drink the always necessary travel mug of coffee through my first two classes. But we can all learn together.

If I do eat breakfast, it’s typically because I skipped my actual first class and therefore had time to eat a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch in my lab’s office at 11 a.m. before my “first” class.

If you don’t end up making this easy and quick breakfast sandwich, I think we can all agree anyone can throw a cup of Chobani in their backpack with a spoon and an apple, and make it to lunch.

Let’s begin.

The “Wreck” Breakfast Sandwich:

This is a sandwich to get you going. Whether you need something for a rough morning on Friday, Saturday or Sunday for whatever reason, or during the week to get you fueled before an exam, this one is sure to please. The best part about it is you only need about 10 minutes. The worst part about it is you need to make sure you have these things before you wake up in the morning.

Ingredients for One

2 pieces of bread (or a sliced Ciabatta roll)

3 pieces cheddar or pepper jack cheese

1/4 ripe avocado

2 slices of bacon or deli meat (optional)

2 eggs

Half handful of arugula (I warned you I love it)

Sriracha, Cholula or Ketchup to taste

Salt and pepper to taste


To begin, preheat your medium saucepan on the stove to medium heat. Slice your cheese if it comes in block form. While you are heating your sauce pan, drop your bread in the toaster and toast to desired doneness. In your medium saucepan, cook your eggs however you like until they are about 3/4 done. I personally like them over easy so the yolk runs all over the bread and the avocado, but that’s also not the easiest thing on your way to class.

If you’re feeling really fancy, look up a video on YouTube on how to poach an egg. You can show off to all your friends with your poaching abilities. Anyway, when your eggs are about 3/4 done, put your cheese slices on top of them and cover the pan with the lid so the cheese melts.

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Once your bread is toasted, spread the 1/4 avocado on what will become the top piece. Make a bed of arugula on what will be the bottom piece. Place your eggs on the bed of arugula. If you opted to put meat on your sandwich, cook it in your medium saucepan to desired crispiness.

Place the meat on top of the eggs, sauce your sandwich with your choice of hot sauce or ketchup (don’t judge me, my grandma always gave me ketchup and eggs) and off you go.

Just be sure to throw an apple in your bag, and don’t forget your coffee!

As always, let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions at [email protected].

That is all for now,

Chef Sogs