Though the Badger football team may not be headed to the acclaimed Cheez-It Bowl, there will still be a hint of cheese in their bowl plans.

As some may be aware, the Wisconsin Badgers will face the Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. On Wednesday, Chancellor Rebecca “Becky” Blank took to her Twitter to wage a bet with University of Oregon President Michael Schill.

Yup, that’s a lot of Babcock cheese.

While most know about Wisconsin’s thriving cheese scene, Oregon also offers an exquisite cheese scene. Tillamook cheese is Oregon’s own, as well as Face Rock Creamery.

Sadly, the Ducks chose to offer up wine instead of cheese.

While wine and cheese are a perfect pair, this certainly isn’t a comparable wager. I mean, just look at Becky with that cheese!

Still, both of these wagers are better than the wager presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar made at halftime during the Minnesota-Penn State game earlier this year, when the Gophers were already up on the Nittany Lions.

That’s not how bets work, Senator Klobuchar.

Hopefully, the Wisconsin football team will make “gouda” on Blank’s wager.