In just 15 words, former University of Wisconsin men’s basketball player Bronson Koenig attempted to make his case to the NBA GMs as to why he should be drafted this year.

While the letter might not have helped the former point guard get into the NBA, it was clear that he had made his point, and many people were astounded when Koenig — or any of his Wisconsin teammates — were not selected during this year’s draft.

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But, though he was not drafted, Koenig, along with his former teammate Nigel Hayes, both managed to sign on with NBA teams and will begin practice this summer.

Shortly after the UW men’s basketball Twitter revealed Hayes’s signing with the New York Knicks Friday, Koenig announced his agreement with the Milwaukee Bucks.

On draft day, Koenig proclaimed “I’m the best shooter in this year’s draft class” and posted a letter on the Players Tribune, detailing why he felt the need to make such a bold claim ahead of the draft. Koenig claims his trainer, Idan Ravin, encouraged him to make the bold move.

While this statement came across cocky, and some would even say arrogant, Koenig claims that it is his confidence in his game that allows him to make such a bold statement. The 22-year-old added that talking with former Wisconsin standouts such as Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky helped him realize his game is NBA ready.

“Sam and Frank have both told me that I am capable of playing against the guys they’re playing against in the league right now— players with several years of NBA experience … which was really encouraging,” Koenig said. “And as much as Frank and Sam can be goofy, they wouldn’t be just blowing smoke. Not about this. They’re pretty honest dudes.”

In the letter, Koenig boasted a list of accomplishments he believed have helped him succeed thus far in the NCAA. He credits his three-point completion record, which is the best in Wisconsins history, along with his 3rd place national ranking as some of the reasons why he would succeed in the NBA.

Koenig also received support from his classmate and friend Nigel Hayes, who supported Koenig’s statement on Twitter.

While this statement might not have been enough to get Koenig selected during this year’s draft, the Wisconsin native still came to an agreement with the Bucks. The agreement is a two-way deal, which means Koenig will play for the Bucks in their new Gatorade League team, and has the potential to be called up to the Bucks at any given time.

Koenig is not the only former Badger who has been in talks with the Bucks. Zak Showalter has been practicing with the Bucks in the hope of getting one of their free-agent spots during summer practice.