Recent UW grad brings funny, relatable game ‘College Cards’ to campus

College Cards drowned in Badger pride, Madison-centric jokes for adults


Badger basketball suffers minor setback during mid-season

Wisconsin looks to improve following a rough first half

Men's Basketball

Happ: Carrying young team after loss of former teammates

After the loss of Koenig, Hayes, Showalter and Brown, the junior forward is feeling new pressure to succeed

Men's Basketball

Men’s basketball set to open regular season against South Carolina State

Wisconsin looks to junior Ethan Happ to continue success from 2016-2017 season

Men's Basketball

Surprised Hayes and Koenig didn’t get picked on draft night? Don’t be

Even though former UW athletes were not picked, both still have potential for success in NBA

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What Wisconsin basketball will look like without Koenig, Hayes and company

With the class of 2017 making a memorable mark in UW history, here's what fans can expect next

Men's Basketball

After going undrafted, Koenig signs deal with Milwaukee Bucks

Former Badger took to Player's Tribune to announce 'I'm the best shooter in this year's draft class'

Men's Basketball

Despite distaste for New York, Hayes will kick off his career with Knicks this summer

Frank Ntilikina, Daymean Dotson, Ognjen Jaramaz will be joining former Badger for summer practice as well

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Men’s basketball: Experts see potential NBA futures for Hayes, Koenig

Neither will be chosen in the first round, most likely, but that does not mean they won’t make it to pros

Men's Basketball

Bumbaca: Obituary for careers of Nigel Hayes, Zak Showalter, Bronson Koenig, Vitto Brown after four unforgettable years at Wisconsin

Seniors' legacy will be what they did off the court