The College Democrats at UW-Madison have had a great year. We revere progressive values such as unity, inclusion and equal opportunity. We believe healthcare is a right, no human is illegal, every woman should have the right to choose, climate change is real and everybody deserves the chance to succeed in life. We work hard to promote these values and elect leaders who will defend them, and this past year has shown our commitment to doing so.

We started off strong by restoring Democratic control to all five statewide constitutional offices in the State Capitol. Young people, including college students, made the difference during the fall elections. College students around Wisconsin, and especially at the University of Wisconsin, worked tirelessly knocking on doors, making phone calls and sending text messages in support of our amazing candidates. These candidates came to our campus because they recognized how important students are to their electoral success.

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Our events included a pancake breakfast with Sen. Tammy Baldwin, a Packer game watch party with Gov. Tony Evers, pumpkin decorating with Attorney General Josh Kaul and ice cream at Memorial Union with Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes. It’s critical that young voices are heard and prioritized, and we’re excited to see these candidates representing Wisconsin students moving forward.

When we elected Gov. Evers, we finally ended Gov. Scott Walker’s unpopular and detrimental reign. With the leadership of Gov. Evers, Wisconsin will be able to provide healthcare to thousands of residents who have gone without because of Walker’s refusal to accept federal funds to expand Wisconsin’s Medicaid program.

Our polka-loving progressive governor will restore Wisconsin’s education system to its former glory, create jobs for Wisconsin’s middle class and fix our state’s crumbling infrastructure.

We have also seen a surge in women’s leadership both locally and in the state legislature. Women make up nearly half of the Assembly Democratic Caucus and the Eighth District of the Madison Common Council elected the first woman to hold the seat since 1992. Our endorsee, Avra Reddy, is a progressive champion and will bring the values that College Democrats promote to create change in our city. We also helped make history and elect Madison’s first LGBT female mayor, Satya Rhodes-Conway. Our members campaigned hard to bring representation to Madison, and we’re happy to see these efforts pay off.

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This year we have strengthened our coalition of like-minded people, progressive warriors and change seekers — our College Democrats. We don’t have an “off season.” Even after elections are over and ballots are counted, we are still working hard to create progressive change in our state. We have met with legislators, community leaders and our peers from other College Democrats chapters in order to continue learning and growing.

Our membership has been connected to internship and volunteer opportunities with state Legislature offices, nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups. We have also co-sponsored events on campus this year with other organizations, building relationships while promoting events to increase student engagement in democratic politics.

While we’ve been working hard, we’ve also formed strong relationships within our members through the host of other events we’ve held this year. In October, we hosted an Early Vote Slumber Party and all voted together the following morning. For International Women’s Day, we hosted a panel of women in office who shared the ways in which it has impacted their careers. Finally, we’ve ended the year with events like “Professional Development and Resume Workshop” and “2020 Trivia Night.” We’re happy to hold events like these and form stronger relationships within the organization.

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We’ve had an impressive year, building membership and riding the blue wave of our 2018 victories. We look forward to building on our successful year while gearing up for the coming elections in 2020, as we continue advocating for progressive values. We can’t wait to see what this upcoming year will hold for us, and we’d love to have you be a part of the movement.

Eliana Locke ([email protected]) is a senior majoring in political science. Claudia Koechell ([email protected]) is a senior majoring in political science and history. They are the Chair and Vice Chair of the College Democrats of UW-Madison, respectively.