State of Wisconsin

Legislature passes lame duck bills limiting executive power

In a rare lame-duck session, the Wisconsin state Legislature passed a package of bills along party lines Wednesday morning limiting executive power and early voting.


Rare lame-duck session strips Wisconsin’s democracy of legitimacy, cheats voters

The legislation put forward is a clear, last-minute grab for power by bitter Republican legislature


Point Counterpoint: The Blue Wave has finally washed over Wisconsin

Midterm election results will lead to a continuation of Wisconsin progressiveness


Election 2018: Amid expectations of a ‘Blue Wave,’ Wisconsin selects a Democratic ticket

Incumbent Gov. Scott Walker defeated in neck-and-neck race

State of Wisconsin

Everything you need to know before the 2018 midterm elections

Polls open at 7 a.m., close at 8 p.m. for one of the most closely watched states in the 2018 election cycle


The Badger Herald Editorial Board endorses Josh Kaul for attorney general

Kaul's experience in criminal cases make him the ideal candidate to move the Department of Justice forward


Kaul’s promise to uphold Republican laws indicative of problematic Democratic paradigm

Compromise may be noble, but it is ineffective in winning elections, making political progress


Attorney general candidates debate school safety, sexual assault, medical marijuana legalization

Candidate Josh Kaul, incumbent Brad Schimel meet in first attorney general debate


Point Counterpoint: Schimel is clear choice for Wisconsinites on both sides of aisle

Brad Schimel should be re-elected as attorney general based on experience, dedication


Point Counterpoint: Josh Kaul will lead Wisconsin’s Department of Justice forward again

Kaul should be elected for Attorney General based on his commitment to sexual assault survivors, working-class Wisconsinites