For the past 30 years, Wisconsin has been blessed enough to have Brad Schimel serving our communities in the courtroom and now at the Department of Justice. Schimel has dedicated his life to the rule of law and ensuring that Wisconsin is a safe place to live, work and raise a family. Schimel is running for re-election for a second term this year, and it is of the utmost importance that we re-elect him to the office of Attorney General for Wisconsin.

Brad Schimel started his career in the Waukesha County District Attorney’s office where he worked with law enforcement to advocate for victims and keep his community safe. He was later elected as District Attorney of Waukesha County where he continued his work as a prosecutor and led other attorneys in the third largest county in the state to continue that same mission.

Since taking office as Wisconsin’s Attorney General four years ago, Schimel has worked tirelessly to fight the opioid crisis, make school safety a priority, solve problems within the Department of Justice and always put Wisconsin interests first.

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To fight the opioid crisis, Schimel has worked with local law enforcement and led statewide initiatives to raise awareness and put a stop to the spread of dangerous and illegal drugs. Schimel led the charge for Wisconsin to develop the “Dose of Reality” campaign to combat opioid use, a program that other states are beginning to adopt. In fact, this program collected 63,531 pounds of unused prescription drugs in 2018 which were then properly disposed of. Additionally, Schimel has worked with local law enforcement to see how the campaign can be tailored to the needs of individual communities.

Schimel has also recently worked with school districts to guarantee safe school environments by administering $100 million in school safety grants. The grants are administered to schools that train teachers, professional support staff, counselors and administrators on adverse childhood experiences and trauma-informed care. The grant also requires schools to partner with local law enforcement to enact other policy changes to ensure safe practices in schools.

During his tenure, Schimel also ended the backlog of untested sexual assault kits, which had been accumulating for several decades.

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Schimel stands in stark contrast to his opponent, Josh Kaul. Schimel’s opponent has never prosecuted a single case in Wisconsin. Ever. Additionally, he has refused to break with other Democrats on key issues that impact all Wisconsinites, including a reckless proposal to cut the prison population in half that would release dangerous criminals back into Wisconsin communities. More recently, Kaul has not been visible to the public, his campaign sightings few and far between.

In addition to his dedication to the people of Wisconsin as a prosecutor and police officer, Schimel is a husband, father and a man of faith. He is also a member of a band, Four on the Floor, a lector at his local parish and a Harley-Davidson enthusiast. Brad Schimel is a man of integrity who is deeply committed to his faith, family and the entire state of Wisconsin.

Through his work at the Department of Justice, Brad Schimel is ensuring the safety and well-being of the people of Wisconsin. The support for Schimel is not just among Republicans: Democrats have also lined up to support him. Sixty-three county sheriffs in the State of Wisconsin have endorsed Schimel, including 12 Democrats.

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The choice for Wisconsin is clear; Brad Schimel consistently has stood up to fight crime and keep our communities safe. We need his continued leadership as our attorney general.

To find out more information about Brad, you can visit his website. To find out about early voting, absentee voting, voter registration, your polling place or what else is on your ballot, visit

Alesha Guenther is a junior studying journalism and mass communications. She is also the Communications Director for College Republicans.