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Nondisclosure agreements do not belong in Wisconsin’s Department of Justice

Attorney General Josh Kaul ended the harmful, chilling practice to silence First Amendment rights last month


The backlog of rape kits has shrunk, but the fight to end delayed evidence testing rages on

Law enforcement, politicians need to realize danger of rape kit backlogs


Election 2018: Amid expectations of a ‘Blue Wave,’ Wisconsin selects a Democratic ticket

Incumbent Gov. Scott Walker defeated in neck-and-neck race

State of Wisconsin

Everything you need to know before the 2018 midterm elections

Polls open at 7 a.m., close at 8 p.m. for one of the most closely watched states in the 2018 election cycle


Attorney general candidates debate school safety, sexual assault, medical marijuana legalization

Candidate Josh Kaul, incumbent Brad Schimel meet in first attorney general debate


Walker stays loyal to party platform, despite criticism from former cabinet members

While cabinet members only have to advocate for their agency, Walker faces unique challenge of representing, his party, his constituents


Schimel’s non-disclosure agreement stifles free speech among government workers

Non-disclosure agreements have the potential to limit information flow to the general public, decrease government transparency


Point Counterpoint: Schimel is clear choice for Wisconsinites on both sides of aisle

Brad Schimel should be re-elected as attorney general based on experience, dedication


Point Counterpoint: Josh Kaul will lead Wisconsin’s Department of Justice forward again

Kaul should be elected for Attorney General based on his commitment to sexual assault survivors, working-class Wisconsinites


The difference between learning from mistakes and wasting time

Completion of backlog of rape kits warrants discussion about next steps, not obsession over past mistakes

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