Not even three months into President Donald Trump’s administration we are already seeing him enact the racist policies he promised during his campaign. His executive orders have called for the construction of a wall along our southern border, a halt to all immigration — refugee or otherwise — from seven majority-Muslim nations and an indefinite ban on refugees from the horrific Syrian civil war seeking haven in the U.S.

Trump has ordered the construction of a wall that has been shown by experts to be the most expensive and least effective way of stopping illegal immigration. Deporting 11 million illegal immigrants is not only wholly impractical but also inhumane.

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Many of the immigrants Trump targeted came to America as young children and have never known anything else. Immigrants pay taxes and contribute to our economy. Many go on to college to do great things in various academic fields. Studies show immigrants commit crimes at far lower rates than natural-born Americans. To propose a mass deportation force and a wall before considering options of a path to citizenship, reducing the exploitation of immigrant workers and expanding education opportunities for “Dreamers” is completely contrary to American ideals.

The ban on immigrants is, on the surface, a simple act of Islamophobia and represents a complete lack of compassion for those fleeing unspeakable violence. It is important to note Saudi Arabia, Egypt and United Arab Emirates, all countries from which terrorists responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks came from, were left off of the list. The fact Trump has business interests in these countries is concerning at best. Clearly, this ban isn’t solely about American safety.

While Trump has tried to rebrand his Muslim ban as a travel ban not targeting Muslims, it’s impossible to ignore his tireless calls for a Muslim ban on the campaign trail, and impossible to separate religious discrimination from this ban’s text. Trump is painting it as a way to prevent future terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, but there is little evidence to suggest that any immigrant or refugee from any of these countries will go on to carry out a terrorist attack, not to mention the fact that the U.S. already has exhaustive screening processes in place to come to our country.

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There is no doubt the safety of its citizens should be of the utmost concern to the U.S. government, but these measures in no way to make us safer. The Trump administration is turning their back on one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time while ignoring the majority opinion of security experts, advisers and the American people.

Trump justifies these malicious actions with one simple statement: “A nation without borders is not a nation.” Trump is trying to characterize our country with isolation and indifference to the suffering of those who may not look like us.

What Trump attempts to define is not our nation, it is not the great America he is so desperately trying to tear down. America is a country that welcomes all those who seek to come to its shores. America is a country that celebrates cultural differences instead of fearing them. America has a proud history of accepting immigrants and refugees from all over the world. We must emulate this bright part of our past and learn from the times we lacked compassion and vow to never again turn away those we are capable of saving.

Eliana Locke ([email protected]) is a sophomore majoring in political science.