Fall 2019

Wisconsin population is declining, prompting need for ‘brain gain’

Economic impact of declining population will further encourage young people to leave, creating negative snowball effect


Point Counterpoint: America is safe again at the southern border under Trump

America has always been one of the most immigration-friendly countries in the world — it will remain that way


Point Counterpoint: Current Republican immigration policy is inhumane

A vote for Democratic candidates is a vote for common sense immigration policy

UW-Madison Campus

Expert panel discusses ethics of immigration reporting

Varied group of experts agreed on importance of ethical language in immigration reporting

City of Madison

ICE answers Rep. Mark Pocan’s FOIA request after more than four months

Details regarding September ICE raid in Wisconsin uncovered, some information incomplete


Point Counterpoint: Trump’s immigration policy is common sense

Democrats must compromise with Trump on border security

UW-Madison Campus

At UW visit, Beto O’Rourke discusses youth engagement, immigration, 2020

O'Rourke is visiting colleges across the country to hear from students, discuss important issues


More than rallies needed to force an end to border cruelty

Without serious political pressure, immigrant rights movement may remain stalled at demonstrations

UW-Madison Campus

UW law students experience zero tolerance border policy first-hand after volunteering at largest family detention center

Being at South Texas Family Residential Center offered insight into immigration system in ways media hadn't covered, panelists said


‘Crimmigration’: How the intermingling criminal justice and immigration systems disproportionately affect Southeast Asians

More than 16,000 refugees of the wars in Southeast Asia now face the risk of deportation despite being documented