Impeachment: What you need to know, what Republicans need to do

Eventually, evidence will become too damning, forcing Republican lawmakers to put country over party loyalty


New poll shows Trump’s approval ratings below 50% in Wisconsin

51% of Wisconsinites against Trump being removed from office, 59% disagree with Trump’s foreign policy, 65% say he’s not honest

UW-Madison Campus

UW grad student discusses power local government has in federal elections

He says conflict in local government can cause residents to become mistrusting of all government

UW-Madison Campus

UPDATED: UW senior posts anti-Trump signs on College Republicans office

Jasmine Kiah said it was act of freedom of speech while College Republicans said it was violation of university policy


Anti-Trump message appears on digital messaging system in Education Building

UW system prohibits use of resources for advocating political positions


Trump campaign adviser encourages students to vote, talk about facts

'Trump stands for our flag, our national anthem, our veterans, our jobs,' adviser Guilfoyle said

State of Wisconsin

New poll finds Democratic candidates leading over Trump in Wisconsin

Poll tabulates attitudes on immigration, gun control

City of Madison

Protestors gather at Capitol in #StopTheBans movement advocating for abortion rights

Counter-protestors also in attendance advocating for the abolition of abortions

UW-Madison Campus

Trump signs executive order requiring colleges to protect free speech, or risk losing federal funding

UW has no plans to change its current policy which addresses, to mixed reactions, many of Trump's concerns


Point Counterpoint: Immigrants make America great

President Donald Trump's policy, rhetoric is racist, harmful to immigrant communities