Diversity isn’t just color

· Sep 7, 2001 Tweet

I just want to thank James P. Kent for his article, “Diversity is more than a race.” I agree with it completely, and I wish more people had his viewpoint. I was very excited to see someone represent diversity for what it is, and not just the color of one’s skin.

Unfortunately, I then had to read Jennifer Epps bash “white folk.” I was saddened to hear that because I am a white male, it is ridiculous of me or any other white male to suggest an open discourse. Fortunately, James Kent did it for me.

If diversity is what you want on this campus, Jennifer Epps is not what we need. While she did mention that creating a responsible discourse is part of a diversity liaison’s job, the message is out that no one, especially a white male, better disagree with her.

The truth is that diversity gets its name from allowing a broad range of ideas. Suppressing them gets you nowhere.

Daniel Guenther
UW sophomore


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