Letter to the Editor: Don’t trust Lazybones

· Sep 4, 2001 Tweet

I am writing to let your readers know about an untrustworthy business operation on the UW-Madison campus. At the end of July, I contacted Lazybones to come and move several boxes and some furniture out of my apartment and store it until Aug. 15, when they delivered it to my new apartment. After giving them over $500 worth of my business, I was furious when the boxes were delivered to me with five of them wide open. Upon further examination, I realized one of their employees had stolen all of my DVDs out of one of the boxes.

I contacted Lazybones and explained the situation, and they have yet to reimburse me for my stolen belongings. I was told I would have a check in my hands last week, and as of today they still had not sent in the insurance claim. The management of Lazybones has been dragging their feet for two weeks and has not once apologized for the violation of my trust that their employees engaged in.

Please let the students on this campus be aware of this corrupt business and encourage them to take their money to a moving
company that is trustworthy.

–Monica Groves, UW junior


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