To honor the friendly rivalry between the two states, Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty bet on the outcomes of the Wisconsin Badgers and the Minnesota Gophers football game Saturday, as well as the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings game Monday.

“In addition to two Minnesota victories, state officials will be on hand to welcome thousands of Wisconsinites who will likely decide to defect to Minnesota,” Pawlenty said in a statement released late last week.

However, Doyle said in a statement released late last week he was confident the Wisconsin teams would pull through in the end.

“This is a great and exciting rivalry, and I’m sure all the Badgers and current Packers will be up to the task,” Doyle said.

According to the statement, Doyle bet Milwaukee-based Usinger’s sausages and Carr Valley Cheese while Pawlenty put Hormel pork tenderloin and Minnesota wild rice on the table for the college football game.

The statement also said this game is the 118th game between the Badgers and the Gophers in NCAA Division 1-A football, which makes it the longest-running rivalry between two teams.

“I’ve been around some pretty good rivalries, but I don’t think there is a rivalry that is more highly contested than the Minnesota-Wisconsin football rivalry,” said Andy Seeley, associate director for athletics communications at the University of Minnesota. “It’s is a border thing … but deep down I think there is a really healthy, mutual respect.”

The Badgers managed a close win against the Gophers with a score of 31 to 28, and Doyle emerged victorious from the bet.

For the Packer-Viking game on Monday night, the governors are wagering Wisconsin beers against Minnesota beers.

“Of course there are many deep, important reasons why Wisconsin will be counting on … the Packers to win, but not least among them is that we’re all intrigued by what ‘Minnesota beer’ might be,” Doyle said in the statement.

— Kyle Mianulli contributed to this article.