Gov. Jim Doyle rolled out a new clean energy strategy
Tuesday, in the midst of Wisconsin?s ongoing clash to repair a budget shortfall
topping half a billion dollars.

The strategy Doyle unveiled aims to make Wisconsin a leader
in renewable energy.

?Clean Energy Wisconsin is a comprehensive strategy to
strengthen Wisconsin?s energy future,? Doyle wrote in a letter heading the
strategy. ?The initiatives will provide a clear direction for the businesses,
people, and communities that will help Wisconsin become the Saudi Arabia of
renewable fuels.?

Some of the plan?s goals include generating 25 percent of
Wisconsin electricity and 25 percent of car and truck fuel from renewable
sources by 2025, as well as capturing a full 10 percent of the market share for
renewable energy and bioproducts.?

According to the governor?s office, only 3.5 percent of the
motor fuel sold in Wisconsin is from renewable sources currently.

Doyle unveiled the plan at C5-6 Technologies, a biofuels
startup in Middleton, and much of the plan centers on the role research and
development of renewable fuels could have in the state?s economy.

According to a statement from Doyle, the plan could create
20,000 new jobs.

Joshua Morby, executive director of the Wisconsin Bio
Industry Alliance, said Doyle has been a strong proponent of the bio industry
in Wisconsin.

C5-6 is working to develop enzymes to convert biomass, such
as paper pulp, switchgrass, and other feedstocks, into sugars that can be used
to produce biofuels.

?Anytime the governor gives attention to the bio industry in
Wisconsin and the value that we provide to the economy, that?s something that
we support,? Morby said.

Doyle also said the new Wisconsin Energy Independence Fund
would provide up to $15 million annually in grants and loans for research and

The Department of Commerce will be taking applications for
these funds between April 1 and June 2.?

The plan will likely meet opposition from Republican
lawmakers as it attempts to make its way through the Legislature.”??