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Herald Low-carb munchies to try this 4/20! Banter Cheba Hut unveils new 4/20 menu item that’s just a gram of weed, bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Herald Power move! This sophomore asserted dominance by having earliest enrollment date of all her friends Banter University to develop snortable vaccine in effort to inoculate Greek life Banter Burned out student feels replenished after 48-hour spring break Banter Forgo the asthmatic: Petition to vaccinate Mifflin Street before Block Party wreaks havoc on campus Banter UPDATE: After possible Loch Ness Monster sighting, students find strange egg near Lakeshore Path Banter Struggling to get the vaccine? Check out the most reliable places for quick injeccs! Banter BREAKING: ASM overthrows UW administration, establishes Board of WiscoRulers4Eva Banter Confessions of an Econ major: I can’t count Banter BREAKING: Alleged ‘Loch Ness Monster’ sighted in Lake Mendota Banter Fauci announces COVID-19 variant doesn’t affect frat members, is not ‘for the boys’ Banter Daily Cardinal voted campus staple alongside Red Shed, bathrooms in Van Hise Banter Trader Joe’s customer discovers relationship with employee was company policy Banter Buckingham Ulysses Badger announces departure from UW Banter How I climbed the corporate ladder, leaned in and networked my way into a #career Banter “It’s like an online library:” Girl substitutes bachelor’s degree for social media infographics Banter A final plea to men on dating apps

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