Best April Fool’s pranks to use next year or all year long

Pranks to pull on your partner, your friends: it’s fun for everyone!

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April Fool’s Day is long gone, but the pranks don’t have to end just because it’s later in the year. Pranks are for every day, and they always end up in a good laugh.

There’s no such thing as taking a prank too far, and it’s time to up your prank game. Check out the pranks we came up with for you, and be sure to try them out!

For your partner

Pranking your partner can be controversial — how can you establish trust when you’re constantly joking around, telling lies and being mean? The truth is, the trust probably wasn’t there to begin with. Real trust is established by knowing you can get through the worst of pranks — together. <3

  • Cheat on them (as a JOKE)

We’re starting off hot and heavy with this one, folks. While you might be all like, “no, I would never cheat on my partner,” we know. We wouldn’t do that either. But if it’s a prank, it doesn’t count. If you don’t mean it, it doesn’t count as cheating — it’s not what it looks like, amirite?

So, for this prank, muster up your courage and take your partner and one of your friends out this Saturday night. Make sure you both have a couple drinks before you excuse yourself to the “bathroom.” Here’s where the fun begins.

Find someone who looks exactly like your partner (maybe a little hotter if you think you can pull them). Tell them your doctor called, and it’s serious. You need a kiss from the hottest person in the bar now or you’ll die.

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That line is guaranteed to get you a smooch, trust me. This is where your friend comes in — they HAVE to be filming if your partner isn’t watching you. Then, they go up to show your partner the video.

Of course, your partner will be confused and disgruntled. After playing around for awhile — at this point, you can riff as you see fit — tell them it was a prank! If you feel like they won’t believe you (ugh), then film a clip beforehand saying you’re planning on pranking them.

Everything will go right back to how it was in your relationship before, but stronger. The trust between you and your partner will improve because they will know you would never actually cheat on them.

  • Break up with them for the week before but reveal it was all a joke on April 1 (after telling them all their flaws and insulting them)

If cheating isn’t your style, we guess we can understand that. But then you HAVE to try this prank. If you think you and your partner will make it to next year (sorry if we just made anyone rethink their entire relationship, LOL), make sure to plan ahead for April Fool’s Day. 

One week before April 1 (March 25), sit your partner down and break up with them. Tell them everything you would say if you were actually breaking up with them (how you always hated their weird shaving pattern for their pubes, how stupid all their friends are and that you don’t actually like their laugh). 

While the next week might be hard, they will take the time to realize how much they need you in their life. So, when April 1 rolls around, celebrate and text them that the whole thing was a prank! They (and maybe you) will be so happy.

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For your friends

Now, friends are meant to be pranked. They are not for emotional support, they are not for companionship — NO. So, take advantage of your friendships and really prank them this year.

  • Rope their significant other into cheating with you for a dual prank

Alright, so you want to kill two birds with one stone. We completely understand why you’re too lazy to do two pranks instead of one. So, let’s get started with the instructions.

Invite your friend and their partner on a double date. If you don’t have a partner, you can probably pull this off with just your friend and their boo.

Before you all show up, text your friend’s partner and let them know your idea. They’ll surely agree with your plan!

When your friend and significant other are both upset, it will be so much bigger when you tell them it’s a prank! And, since you’re in a group, it’ll be a great inside joke for a long time to come.

  • Roofie them and form a Wolf Pack

You might think this is too far. But, you’re wrong. This one takes a lot of planning, but it will create the best prank of them all.

Wait for your friend to get married. Make sure you’re one of the groomsmen because they have to make you one of the groomsmen. Now, the bachelor party has to be happening in Vegas at Caesars Palace — no exceptions.

On your way into Sin City, stop and buy some Jägermeister and try to get some ecstasy. But, oops! The dealer gave you roofies (but you don’t know they’re roofies).

So, slip the “ecstacy” into some shots of Jägermeister and have everyone take them on the hotel roof after reciting a wonderful, heartfelt speech about you being a lone wolf but your friends making you feel like you’re in their wolf pack.

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The friend who’s getting married has to get locked out onto the roof as you make your way back to your hotel room.

When you wake up in the morning, none of you will remember a thing — including where your friend is on the roof! All you know is there’s a baby in your hotel room, along with Mike Tyson’s tiger, and you owe Leslie Chow 80 grand.

Anyway, you’ll pay him back and make sure everything is sorted out as a team. Finally, you’ll put the pieces together and find your friend on the roof just hours away from his wedding!

This will be such a fun story to tell everyone in the future, and you and your Wolf Pack will be bonded for life afterward.

So, there you have it. These are for sure the best pranks to pull on your friends and partner. Enjoy — we know they will! 

Disclaimer: Do not participate in illegal activities such as taking drugs. Do not cheat on your partner (you piece of shit.)


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