Today marks the 21st anniversary of the night which shook UW (literally) — the night “Jump Around” was met with jumping at Camp Randall Stadium. “Jump Around” isn’t just a song, it’s a tradition at the University of Wisconsin.

Knowing this, I felt the best way to get into the school was by quoting the House of Pain classic to draw out my strengths. Two years ago, I had success with this take.

Enjoy this snippet from my admissions file to UW. Yes, I did think I wanted to do neuroscience. Yes, I am applying to law school right now.

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To borrow a phrase from the band House of Pain, “Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin,” to discuss what intrigues me about the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This initial packaging is not only a literal representation of the car packed with belongings and sleek dorm decorations I’d bring with me on Move-In Day, but also a symbolic representation of the skills, experiences, and desires I’d bring with me to the campus community. As a scientific artist, I chose to actively seek socialization and collaboration beyond a standard mold and across all groups of people. As I discovered when I went to a college with a total undergraduate population smaller than my high school’s, this type of communicative fusion is best engaged on larger campuses teeming with students that have almost every perspective on life covered through their own unique experiences. With campus organizations such as All Seeing Eyes and Adult Role Models in Science, Wisconsin seems to be tailored to the types of engagement in serving, connecting, and learning through peers that was severely lacking in my first college rendezvous. These exciting forms of involvement inspire me to develop a more diverse perspective in all my endeavors, while simultaneously inspiring those around me in a symbiotic relationship.
“I won’t ever slack up, punk you better back up” if one thinks I disregard the academic opportunities unique to Wisconsin. One particularly important statistic to me is the 1/3 of music majors who choose to double major within the College of Letters and Sciences. This interdisciplinary culture at Madison is a sharp departure from my former rigid path of vocal performance where I was physically unable to enroll in any scientific courses. With Wisconsin, I have the opportunity to return to my curiosities with the sciences that were developed in high school and receive a proper basis in both music and neurobiology that will allow me to explore the connections between the two in the future. That future may not be so far off, however, with Wisconsin’s Integrated Biological Sciences Summer Research Program providing at outlet where I can potentially explore these connections between the disciplines with a wealth of neuroscience faculty before I graduate with a bachelor’s degree. The possibilities of the marriage between science and the arts appear expansive, creating an intrinsic motivator of excitement that will surely keep me from “slacking”.

With the spirited environment of the various student sections at Badger home games, it’s clear every student, “came to win,” as Bucky seems to be saying, “battle me that’s a sin,” through his adorable polyester suit. Sporting events show so much more than just athletic achievement; the fanatic environments reveal a communal bond between all Badgers that is built on loyalty and excellence. As a potential member of this community, I will strive, as always, to maintain these two pillars in all of my work on and off campus, while of course betting that the Badgers will, “Buck (their opponent) down.”
“Try and play the role and yo the whole crew’ll act up,” as specific, unchangeable role playing goes against the Wisconsin Idea. This notion of breaking down borders between disciplines, positions, and even physical geography attracts me to Wisconsin as a place where I can create my own niche while collaborating with all those around me regardless of their field or background. As an adherent to this ideal, I strive to connect each and every perspective I encounter to help create an environment where everyone can meet their full potential. Specifically, I wish to utilize this philosophy by working with artists, psychologists, biologists, and chemists to determine the most effective methods to increase each member of society’s potential for interaction and connection, thereby increasing the pool of accessible, diverse perspectives contributing to this Wisconsin Idea on a grand scale. This fills me with excitement to, “Get up, stand up, and jump around!

*All quotes derived from House of Pain’s song “Jump Around”