Here in the banter section of this prestigious publication, we have warned of cold weather for quite some time now. The University of Wisconsin also took notice, but did not take action for the days ahead.

Needless to say, this ~RiLEd Up SuM AnGErY BAdgErS~ on Twitter. Please enjoy this curated collection of what truly was this university’s finest hour.

1. AirPods made an unholy appearance in this mashup.

2. This Badger knows it’s better to be safe than sorry! We wish him the best.

3. This student utilized his impressively vast knowledge of pie charts and data visualization. I’m sure he learned that from all the class that was never canceled.

4. Ah, yes. The meme that absolutely refuses to die. Please excuse our French.

5. This one is a rather spicy meatball! Once again, please excuse our French.

6. Slap some Canada Goose jackets on those penguins and you might as well be on Langdon Street.

Come Tuesday, the university had a change of heart and decided to cancel all non-essential activities on campus from 5 p.m. Tuesday until noon Thursday.

Needless to say, students had some choice tweets about the occurrence.

1. Exhibit B of how that meme absolutely refuses to die.

2. Who knew Becky Blank pulled off such a convincing Michael Scott? Anniqua did.

3. Sure, why not drag Betty White into this.

So students, stay safe from the cold air, it is cold. But if you must go out, I hope you find some warmth from these tweets.