I got my fake ID taken at the Terrace. This is the letter I wrote

This is the letter I submitted to the Dean's Office after getting my fake ID taken on university property

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Well folks, it’s almost summer time again, which with it comes drunken nights at the Terrace. Just a PSA to all those under-aged kids out there — don’t try and use a fake ID to calmly drink a beer with a few of-age friends, because the Terrace employees will get you in much more trouble than you need to be.

If you do get caught and the dean’s offices requires you to write a 500 word essay, I hope my letter helps inspire you in your time of need. Here’s what I wrote back in August 2016 acknowledging my crimes against humanity.

On August 29, 2016, I exhibited behavior that was clearly unacceptable in the eyes of the law and the university. I was at the terrace with an alcoholic fluid in front of me when two patrolmen came by and asked to see some identification.

I then presented them with a counterfeit ID that said I was 21 years old and from the State of Maryland. This information is false. I am actually only 20 years old and from the State of New York.

I have had a meeting with a university representative where we discussed my actions and how I shall repent for my sin.

The first discussion in place from this surrounds my current alcohol consumption. I am a student in college, surrounded by people who binge drink on a weekly basis.

I have, however, been known to take part in drinking and to consume responsible amounts of alcohol as was taught to me by my parents and when I became an EMT in 2014.

I will not deny that I enjoy a cold one and have been legally drinking contained, responsible amounts with my parents since I was in high school.

I was raised to understand that drinking can lead to detrimental outcomes but is also not strictly the devil’s extract. But, these facts make me no less responsible for committing the crime of pretending to be someone I am not and that is why I am in this situation today.

I lost sight of my judgment on that fateful night in August. When the boys in blue came around, I acted without thinking.

They took my last fake ID. I had already lost one when I moved out of my apartment so now I am free from the shackles of peer pressure.

I have never felt too much pressure to drink, but purchasing the IDs with my friends seemed like a good idea at the time because everybody was doing it.

Peer pressure is something that I can now look at from an entirely new angle after this eventful night. What was once theoretical in high school, I realize now how real these motives are, whether we notice it in that moment it exists.

After this event, I intend to make changes about my drinking habits. First, now that I am without a fake ID, I will no longer be going to bars with my friends and drinking in public.

Privately, I will not be drinking for the rest of the semester, as my schoolwork and editing position at The Badger Herald are more important than binge drinking. I will not allow my grades to be compromised because of substance abuse.

Already since this event, I have not taken part in consuming any alcoholic beverages and I intend to keep it that way.

Based on my prior experiences with life decisions and these rediscovered ideas from the Terrace, I plan on making this the most productive semester yet because of my intentions to not drink.


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