This campus stinks and I am tired of it. I have many theories as to why this campus stinks, but I can’t figure out exactly why. Here are my ideas to why this campus STINKS!

1. Someone took a dump on the lake

That’d stink up the whole campus if you ask me.

2. Wisconsin’s famous cheese

Thanks to the great state of Wisconsin, the whole damn state stinks of cheese, and that includes the campus. Put it together you dumbos.

3. Bucky’s pits

He’s always running and jumping and whatnot. Bucky’s animal stink definitely makes up a big chunk of the Badger stink.

4. My unhygenic professor

Do I even have to explain?

5. Computer science students

Not trying to stereotype or anything, but you comp sci kids are stinking up the whole joint!

6. The lakeshore dorms

Dang hippies.

7. Orange chicken from Ginger Root

Orange chicken? More like sausage shittin.

8. My QQ’s poop from last week

I’m not sure where, but it’s still hanging around somewhere

9. “Badger BO”

Let’s face it, we all help make this university stink just a little bit.