Nothing represents a typical college student more than a three-quarter empty box of leftover pizza from the night before.

Leftover pizza is always a great mid-morning snack, and perfect for when you need something quick and filling before class.

Day-old Pizza Hut does just the trick.

Daniel Chinitz/The Badger Herald

Depending on microwave capacity, the proper time for warm-up shall range anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute and 15 seconds. Getting the optimal time is imperative for the experience, as cold Pizza Hut is the equivalent of biting into a rock with a curly mustache on it.

Upon microwaving, make sure the pizza is on a plate, and there should be some form of paper towel between the slice and the plate. Those Pizza Hut slices are greasier than Pauly D from the hit series “Jersey Shore,” so burning yourself is much easier when eating Pizza Hut on the second run through.

The cheese does bunch up in the fridge, which is never a fun pizza-eating experience. Post microwave, there is a nice diffusion of cheese throughout the slice, which manages to encapsulate all of the toppings for a perfect cheese and topping bite.

As for the sauce, that was never Pizza Hut’s strong suit to begin with. However, the flavor is unchanged, allowing the classic Pizza Hut zest to remain in its rightful place.

Daniel Chinitz/The Badger Herald

While the majority of the slice is edible and enjoyable, Pizza Hut’s weakness is the crust, if you could even call it that. In the post-microwave stage, the crust is devoid of much water, and eating the crust is like biting into a candle — it might look fine to eat, but it won’t be in your best interest.

Regardless of its few faults, Pizza Hut makes for a fine snack the next day, and because their deals offer large qualities of food at low prices, there will always be leftovers!

Just be careful — you don’t want to get sick from eating too much Pizza Hut!