The Princeton Review named the University of Wisconsin the country’s top party school Monday. Two Heralders explored the good and the bad of this.

UW, Keep doing what you’re doing

If you woke up this morning on the floor of some random house and with a massive hangover, then you are doing something right.

You have now contributed to this school’s reputation as the top party school in the country. This university has once again received the recognition it deserves as being the wildest of the learning institutions.

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From game day to Freakfest, Mifflin to syllabus week — there are too many moments for Badgers to be proud of, and now that the school year is about to start we need to begin strong and party our fuckin’ asses off. If there aren’t triple keggers up and down Mifflin Street, Langdon Street and the Sophomore Slums from tonight on, then the Badger reputation will have been let down.

True Badgers go out every week and live nights they can only piece together in the morning. And it gets better with age, out of the dorms partiers can accomplish even more crazy shit.

New freshmen, take note at what we’re saying. You probably don’t realize how hard we have worked to get to where we are today, but now you should be even more pumped-up and ready to party with this new coronation.

This campus has earned its bragging rights, and dammit do we need to show the world what we got. On Wisconsin.

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Time to grow up, UW

As you woke up this morning, with Keystone or Busch Light still on your breath, you awoke to the joyous news that the University of Wisconsin was once again named the best party school in America.

It seems to be Groundhog Day though, as over and over again, UW has been one of the top party schools for what seems like forever. UW has become a school perpetually stuck in their freshman year of college, over-drinking and traveling in packs to parties.

Yes, freshman year was great. Sellery Hall lived up to all the hype. It can be hard to turn the page from freshman year, especially if you still live with people from your floor. But we are all part of the problem, fellow Badgers.

The first step to recovery is admitting we have a problem: Badgers, we have too much fun. There are too many bangers, too many kegs, too many bars and too many good times. That is simply just too much grandeur for a student body to be able to handle.

It feels like we are kids in a candy store, but that candy is alcohol and we are not kids. As former First Lady Nancy Reagan famously said, “just say no.”

Whoa, that was heavy. I need a beer.