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Q&A: Comedian Chris D’Elia talks rappers, Pharrell’s hat, things that annoy him before Madison show

The expert Vine user didn’t know he was coming to Madison until he looked at his schedule
Derick Hingle/Comedy Central

Before Chris D’Elia‘s upcoming Friday show at the Orpheum Theater, we got the “Undateable” star and Vine master on the phone to talk.

The Badger Herald: Have you done a show in Madison before? Do you have anything that you’re looking forward to for the show?

Chris D’Elia: Nah, man. I didn’t even know I was coming here until I looked at my schedule. I don’t really go out too much. I’m more into just exploring the city and seeing all the cool places and stuff. So I look forward to that.


BH: Who would win in a fight, Drake or Bill Nye the Science Guy?

CD: Ah, man. Probably Drake. Just because he’s got all of those hip-hop guys on his side.

BH: Why is it so easy to poke fun at Drake?

CD: He’s just a target. He’s just one of the biggest guys in music right now. I’m a really big fan of hip-hop, so I like to play off that. I like his music a lot. It’s just fun to make fun of him.

BH: If you could give one piece of advice to Kanye West, what would it be?

CD: Just relax and stop being hardcore.

BH: What would you say if I called Stankowski [D’Elia’s character from “Glory Daze”] the most underrated character on cable TV?

CD: I’ve had a lot of people come up to me and tell me that they wish they could see more “Glory Daze.” I loved playing the character, but just not many people saw the show.

BH: Are there any lessons you could give to becoming a social media god?

CD: I don’t know. I don’t put a ton of thought into it. I just kind of say what’s on my mind. Just do it as much as you can and those who like it will find you. I don’t really think about it too hard. I just kind of do it. Somehow people like it.

BH: What words come to mind when you think about meeting Justin Bieber?

CD: It was just kind of cool to meet him. I know he’s been in trouble lately but, you know, he’s a young kid and he’s got the whole world on his fingertips so — if I had the whole world on my fingertips I would’ve killed at least eight or nine people so far.

BH: If you could punch any one famous person in the face, who would it be?

CD: Oh boy, that’s a good one. I don’t know. I’m not really a violent person, you know? I wouldn’t really punch someone. I would just like put them on blast on like Twitter or Instagram or something.

BH: Who would it be then?

CD: I don’t know. Pharrell’s gotta stop wearing that hat. That’s for sure.

BH: Where did you get the title “White Male Black Comic?” What’s the story behind it?

CD: My friend who is a black comedian would always say how I was more of a black comedian than he was. Erik Griffin from “Workaholics.” He would say I would do well in shows at, like, the Apollo and stuff so that’s where it came from.

BH: You are famous for being “Undateable.” What is your worst dating experience?

CD: Oh, man. Anything that went down in L.A. I had a girl tell me once that she had a kid and she tried to kill it because she was so depressed. I think we only went on like one more date after that.

BH: What annoys you more than anything?

CD: Probably when people take themselves too seriously. Also people who don’t listen or just want everything to happen because they think they deserve self-entitlement. I hate that shit. Or, like, when I post a picture on social media saying like, “I’ll be in Madison in two weeks,” and someone will tweet back, “When is the show?” Just check the fucking website. I really don’t like people who try and film me on stage. Like, this is how I make money, by people coming to the shows.

BH: What is the most badass thing you’ve ever done?

CD: Oh, man. I am not a badass. Every once in a while I’ll throw people out of the show. That’s kind of badass, I guess?

BH: What’s one Italian-American stereotype that you can identify with?

CD: I cry a lot sometimes. I’m very emotional. I cry like at movies and shit because I like really identify with the characters and stuff. I’m very emotional. Italians are emotional. So.

BH: Name your favorite hip-hop artists and which one you would vote for in a presidential election.

CD: Tupac, Tech N9ne, Guru. I want Tupac to be president but he’s dead. I like Big L.

BH: But who would be president? Tupac, even though he’s dead? Like a Coachella hologram kind of deal?

CD: Yeah, that could work. A hologram president would be good. Because whatever. The president doesn’t do anything — it’s the people around him that get things done.

BH: Lastly, if you could do a collab album with any artist out, who would it be?

CD: Kanye West. We could do like an album where he raps about why something is the way it is and then I’d rap about exactly the opposite. He would rap about how he’s the shit, and then I’d rap about like, “What about that one time you weren’t the shit?”

Buy tickets for Chris D’Elia’s Friday show here.

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