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What your spring break trip says about you

Whether you’re going to Florida or staying in the Midwest, your personality is predictable
Sarah Godfrey

Pack your bags — spring break is just around the corner! Whether you’re getting ready for a week of rest and relaxation or partying day and night, it’s universally agreed upon it’s about time for a vacation.

Your trip of choice tells everyone else a lot about your personality. Based on some trips University of Wisconsin students are taking this year, here’s what your spring break destination says about you.



Perhaps the most popular spring break spot of all time. If you’re vacationing in Florida — whether it be Disney World in Orlando, a boujee resort in the Keys or your grandparents’ Fort Myers trailer home – you’re classic.

Your family has gone to Florida ever since you can remember, and you love tradition. You’re probably not a very spontaneous person, but you still know how to have a good time. After all, why try a new restaurant when the ones you visit every year have never let you down?

If you’re going to Florida for the ocean, you’re probably in desperate need of relaxation. Nothing sounds better to you than sprawling out in the sand with a good book, soaking up the sweltering sun, “accidentally” forgetting to reapply sunscreen, so you can feel a little crispy when you go out to dinner after spending all day at the beach.

If you’re going to a theme park like Disney World or Universal Studios, you’re a child at heart. You need to be reminded of simpler times, and you’re ready to embrace your inner Disney adult and feel the nostalgia.


If you’re vacationing in Europe this spring break — France, Italy, London, perhaps — you’re sophisticated. You’re probably interested in architecture, have great taste in food and are excited to experience the rich culture all around you. You like to call yourself an “old soul,” and you judge people if they don’t like caviar.

You’re not a big fan of math and science, but you thrive in English and history — maybe you play an instrument. You might have a slight superiority complex, but you can’t help it that nobody understands the world like you do. Either that or you just have rich parents.

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Another staple spring break destination. If you’re heading to Mexico in a few weeks, you like to let loose and have fun. You’re spontaneous, outgoing and always ready to meet new people and put yourself out there.

It’s probably a girls trip, and your matching swimsuits just came in the mail. You’re definitely under 21 and super excited to be able to legally drink all-inclusive margaritas served to you right in the pool and, of course, eat an endless amount of tacos.


If you’re going to Arizona, you want to enjoy warm weather without feeling crowded. You don’t like humidity, but you love the sun — so you’re heading west. Arizona is for people who don’t want to fight for a spot at an overcrowded beach but are still itching to get some much needed vitamin D.

You probably like to golf and, lucky for you, you’re staying with your grandparents at their retirement home, and they’re members at the local golf course. If you’re feeling active, you’ll swing by the Grand Canyon for a day of hiking, but this vacation will mostly consist of lounging by the community pool.

National Parks

There are lots of national parks to choose from, but if you’re going to any of them over spring break, you’re definitely granola.

Spring break is known for relaxation, kicking back and being lazy — that’s not you. Your way of relaxing is hiking 10 miles up a mountain. You’ve got your Chacos, a full water bottle and your favorite flannel ready to go.

The Lumineers were one of your top five most-listened-to artists on Spotify Wrapped. You hate when people spend too long in the shower, and you probably have a sticker on the back of your laptop that says “There is no Planet B.” You’re currently curating a detailed instruction manual for a babysitter about how to take care of your plants while you’re away, and you’re looking forward to a week of connecting with nature.

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If you’re not going anywhere this spring break, you’re broke. The flights are crazy expensive this year, and you just can’t swing it.

You tell people you’re excited to just chill out and relax at home with your family and won’t let anyone see you wipe away your tears as you scroll through Instagram and see everyone’s beach pictures.

If you’re staying home, you always try to look at the bright side of things. You’re making a list of fun activities to keep you busy while you’re at home in the freezing and snowy Midwest. In your heart, you know baking banana bread, binging the new season of “Outer Banks” and driving around your hometown is just as much fun as partying in Cabo.

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