WandaVision episode eight Easter eggs, hints for what’s to come

The Disney Plus hit reaches final episodes and the Easter eggs aren't holding back

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***Spoilers Ahead for “WandaVision” Episode 8***

In this episode, we learn Wanda did not receive her powers from the Mind Stone as we had been led to believe in 2015’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Rather, the mind stone unleashed the true power of her inherent gift for magic, imbuing her with an unprecedented level of power which seems to scare even Agatha, a trained and talented witch.

Wanda sees a vision of herself in her full comic book costume. However, this silhouette appears much more detailed than her costume in Episode 6 of the series. With Agatha declaring Wanda the Scarlet Witch at the end of this episode, it seems possible we may see Wanda’s vision in the Mind Stone come to fruition next episode.

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Many fans have speculated this retconning of Wanda’s powers was inevitable. But most believed she and Pietro would be revealed as mutants. This is still a possibility, as Pietro did not seem to have any magic ability and the Mind Stone still gave him super speed.

Agatha reveals she was behind the imposter Pietro, but she does not give any more information on Pietro’s origins. She calls him “Fake Pietro,” but we do not know if she simply mind-controlled another person or if she pulled him from a different universe.

We get a reference to “Chaos Magic,” an ability Wanda learned in the comics. Chaos Magic is so powerful Doctor Strange first believed its existence to be in Wanda’s mind before he witnessed Wanda wield it. Additionally, Agatha says young Wanda in Sokovia had used a “probability hex” to stop the Stark bomb. Wanda’s powers first manifested as an ability to make improbable events occur and this is undoubtedly a reference to her powers’ origins.

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The final stinger of this episode is the reveal of a S.W.O.R.D. weaponized Vision. We see a chalk-white Vision open his eyes as Director Hayward uses Wanda’s energy to give him life. This is pulled out of John Byrne’s storyline “Vision Quest,” a comic arc from 1989. After Vision is killed, he is brought back to life without his personality. He is an emotionless android with apathy toward humanity. We will undoubtedly see Wanda faceoff against this lifeless version of her true love — yet another tragedy in Wanda’s life.

More is to come in “WandaVision,” but until next week, all we can do is continue to speculate. Will Vision survive this show? Is Fietro really Pietro? Is Agatha the main antagonist or is someone else lurking in the shadows? Find out next week (hopefully).


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